Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Burger Tour: Dirty Burger

You'd be forgiven for thinking at first that Dirty Burger is a myth made up by your friends to lure you to Kentish Town for some sort of practical joke, because it is not the easiest spot to find. The address on the joint's official website is cryptically given as "Rear" or "Round the back",  which is not the most Google Map-friendly of addresses.

It's all good though - just find 79 Highgate Road, which is on a corner, walk around the corner into a sort of open parking area and locate the literal shack that houses this fine burger establishment.

The setup

Once inside, you may have trouble locating seats (especially if you're a large party!) as the place is tiny, even by London independent eating establishment standards. There's a long bar around the perimeter and a large communal table in the middle - do your best! Once you've spied some seats, you can turn your attention to the food.


The food

The menu is very short. I know I'm in the minority, in that I don't love cheese on my burgers, but there is no cheese-less burger here, so I went for the basic cheeseburger, onion fries and a chocolate shake. The total came to £13.25, which is not particularly cheap considering the very basic presentation and accommodation, but I didn't mind. The shake was outstanding, evidently made with chocolate ice cream (vanilla and chocolate syrup for a chocolate shake is one of my pet hates), and the onion fries were a dream come true for someone who believes that nothing is not improved by increasing surface area for deep frying - essentially they are like loads of chopped up onion rings smothered in batter and fried. GET.IN.ME. The portions are generous, so perfect for sharing.

The burger itself does what it says on the box - it's a dirty burger, in the same vein as the grease-fest that is a MEATLiquor burger. My preference is for more of a gourmet-style burger, but for what it is, I liked this Dirty Burger, and I would certainly go back based on the strength of the sides alone!

The verdict

I liked Dirty Burger, but although Kentish Town isn't a long journey for me, its less-than-central location means that I'd have to love it a lot more to go there often. There is another, newer branch in Vauxhall, but I'm told it's even smaller! I definitely recommend checking it out though, especially if you're a fan of American-style burgers and of chocolate shakes.

UPDATE: I mentioned previously that there is no veggie option at Dirty Burger - this was a LIE! DB recently added a few new burgers to its offering, including a "Dirty Cop Out" burger featuring a portobello mushroom topped with smoked applewood cheese. I don't know anyone who's tried it, so if you have then please do leave a comment and tell me how it was. 

Dirty Burger, Kentish Town and Vauxhall, http://www.eatdirtyburger.com/

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